Research Articles

  1. Simpson, R.K. & McGraw, K.J. Multiple signaling in a variable environment: expression of song and color traits as a function of ambient sound and light conditions in a tropical songbird. In review at Journal of Avian Biology
  2. Ligon, R.A., Simpson, R.K., Hill, G.E., McGraw, K.J. 2016 Comparative biochemical analyses of carotenoid pigmentation evolution in finches. Evolution (In Press).
  3. Hutton, P.,* Ligon, R.A., McGraw, K.J., Seymoure, B.M., Simpson, R.K. 2015. Dynamic color communication. Current Opinions in Behavior. 6: 41-49. PDF
    * All authors contributed equally
  4. Simpson, R.K., Johnson, M.A., Murphy, T.G. 2015. Migration and the evolution of sexual dichromatism: evolutionary loss of female coloration with migration among wood-warblers. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 282: 2015375. PDF
          Media Coverage: Science, Nature, IFL Science,, Nature World News, Richard Dawkins Foundation
  5. Murphy, G.M., West, J.A., Pham, T.T., Cevallos, L.M., Simpson, R.K., Tarvin, K.A. 2014. Same trait, different signals: Unlike females, male goldfinches do not signal status with bill color. Animal Behaviour. 93: 121-127. PDF

Popular Media

  1. Credited in: Coneflower Studios. 2016. Super Hummingbirds. PBS Nature.
  2. Simpson, R.K. 2014. Ask A Biologist Top Question: Why do leaves change color. ASU’s Ask A Biologist.
  3. Simpson, R.K. 2014. Biology Bits: Feathers. ASU’s Ask A Biologist.
  4. Featured in: Sturm, M. 2014. Faint of Heart Need Not Apply. ASU’s SOLS Magazine. 10, 1: 19-23.

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